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National Restorations is now Renovar. New look, same great craftsmanship & service.

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Imagine you had an automobile incident that damaged only the fender. You wouldn’t replace the whole vehicle—you would just repair the fender. Why should that be any different when it comes to your cabinets or wood furniture? In 2010, our founder Ron Jacobson realized that even though 78% of all damaged cabinets and wood furniture could be repaired at about 60% cost savings over replacement without sacrificing the quality, these claims were being fully replaced. He realized there was a need to provide insurance adjusters a quick estimate from a highly qualified estimator giving adjusters peace of mind in reconciling a claim.

Renovar connects adjusters and homeowners with qualified firms that will restore damaged cabinets and wood furniture at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

In 2019, National Restorations partnered with ITEL Laboratories, Inc to simplify the cabinet repair experience and can now provide an accurate repairability result and repair estimate within 30 minutes through the ITEL mobile app which becomes one of the most widely used apps in the industry.

National Restorations positioned itself as a leader in the marketplace and continues to evolve its service offerings. In March 2020, National Restorations rebranded to Renovar which comes from its Latin root of “renovare.” The story of what we do is not about repair, it is about renewal. It is about restoring the pieces of a home back to how they were originally built. And that is what our new name reflects—renew and revive. 

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