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Navigating these crazy times

Seems like everywhere we turn these days, something devastating is happening in the world around us. From COVID-19 to Hurricane Laura, we are learning how to adapt to these changing times. 

The number 1 goal is to keep you, the homeowner, contractor’s, and everyone in between safe while quickly working to complete insurance claims. 

We offer service options that are going to help protect the homeowner while moving the claim along quickly.

  • ITEL NOW Mobile App

Historically, determining if a cabinet could be repaired required an on-site inspection and could add days to the claims process. In partnership with ITEL, we have simplified this experience and now provides an accurate repairability result and repair estimate within 30 minutes.


  • Prequalifier feature- Now get an independent determination in under 1 minute and at no cost 
  • Submit the correct photos every time
  • Repairability assessment and full report within 30 minutes

How it Works:

  1. Follow the props to submit the correct photos
  2. Submit the claim for review
  3. Receive the reparability result and repair estimate within 30 minutes

App available in the Apple store and on Google Play


  • Virtual Inspections

The experts at Renovar are making the homeowner part of the inspection process. With the help of the homeowner, our Technical Repair Analysts can tell you if the cabinets or furniture can be repaired and will produce a repair report from an inspection conducted from a mobile device


  • Keep claims moving forward
  • No on-site interaction necessary
  • Renovar Technical Repair Analyst will talk homeowner through the video/pictures needed
  • Covers every zip code
  • Receive a full, detailed estimate within 1 business day of inspection

How it Works:

  1. Adjuster submits claim
    1. Renovar attempts to contact insured within 24 hours
  2. Renovar Technical Repair Analyst schedules time with homeowner
  3. Homeowner invited to pre-scheduled session. 
  4. Technical Repair Analyst will send Homeowner a text message with a link to follow. No download needed for homeowner to join session
  5. Technical Repair Analyst guides homeowner through recording damaged cabinets
  6. Takes about 15-30 minutes


Regardless of the service option you choose we are here to help you quickly and efficiently process insurance claims for cabinets and wood furniture damage. If we can complete the repairs, we will have a Craftsmen ready and able to complete the repairs at the price quoted.

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