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Virtual Inspections

The experts at Renovar are making the homeowner part of the inspection process. With the help of the homeowner, our Technical Repair Analysts can tell you if the cabinets or wood furniture can be repaired and will produce a repair report from an inspection conducted from a mobile device.


  • Keep claims moving forward
  • No on-site interaction is necessary
  • Renovar TRA will talk the homeowner through the video/pictures needed
  • Reduce disputes with a report from an unbiased third-party received within 1 business day of the inspection
  • Covers every zip code

How it works:

  1. Renovar TRA will schedule a time with the homeowner at their earliest convenience
  2. The homeowner will receive a link to start the live session
  3. Tap Record Video and Allow Access to Microphone and Camera
  4. Tap Orange Video Icon to begin live inspection with Renovar TRA
  5. Tap Camera Icon to take photos of the damage
  6. The process generally takes about 15-30 minutes

Tips for a successful inspection:

  • Remove contents from cabinets and countertops
  • Make sure to have a strong internet connection to avoid delays
  • Make sure to have a full battery on a mobile device
  • Good lighting will help

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