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Master Craftsmen Spotlight | Premier Professionals, Inc.

At Renovar, we would be nothing without the network of Master Craftsmen we have. Our Craftsmen are the best in the business at furniture, cabinet, and architectural millwork restoration. What sets these artisans apart is that they understand quality restoration is not simply about the repair. It’s about restoring the beauty of woodwork to how it was originally built. Whether it’s a family antique that needs minor refinishing or restoring cabinets damaged by a fire, Craftsmen approach every project with the same pride that made them passionate about their industry.


We asked Lonnie Sargent from Premier Professionals, Inc. a few questions about his business and what it is like working with Renovar.


Here is what he had to say along with some examples he and his team have completed!


[Renovar] Can you give us a little background about your business?

[Lonnie] I started premier 22 years ago in a 500 square ft. shop. As soon as I earned a reputation as a top-rated restoration company in Las Vegas, I expanded to a 5000 square ft. shop.

National Restorations (Now Renovar) Founder, Ron Jacobsen told me I have one of the finest facilities he has seen in quite some time.


[Renovar] Why did you join the Renovar network?

[Lonnie] I reached out to some dear friends and colleagues that I met over the years at a CPPC Conventions, and they advised me that it was a “No Brainer to Join!”


[Renovar] What has been your experience like working with Renovar?

[Lonnie] Very positive! Naturally with any company that is focused and determined to expand there are going to be some “growing pains”. Renovar’s Corporate Trainer, Kady Jacobson, and Executive Vice President, Chris Donnelly, were very instrumental in advising me to be patient during this process. I am sincerely grateful for their wisdom and insight.


[Renovar] What would you tell other craftsmen interested in joining the Renovar network?

[Lonnie] To reiterate “NO BRAINER!!”


[Renovar] Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself and/or your business?

[Lonnie] My company specializes in catering to VIP executives that relocate to Las Vegas. Future Craftsmen must understand that many can touch up a piece of furniture, but sincere customer service is the backbone to success. Make sure you let claimants vent and do whatever it takes professionally to keep them happy from start to finish.

This is one of the claims we completed for American Family Insurance. This is a Vintage Cedar Chest that was damaged in a house fire,

A great example as to why submitting your claims to Renovar is key. Las Vegas Restoration companies advised the insured their one-of-a-kind gun rack that was damaged in a fire could not be repaired. But not for Premier Professionals!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our Master Craftsmen! We would for you to join our network and share your story with us!

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