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Master Craftsmen Spotlight | Thomas Furniture Restorations

We can’t get enough of showing off our Craftsmen! There is a reason we call them Master Craftsmen and Artisans. They are the best in the business, and we count ourselves lucky to have them on our team.


This month the spotlight is shining on Thomas Furniture Restorations. Bob Thomas was able to take some time and answer some questions for us about our partnership together.


Here is what he had to say along with some examples he and his team have completed!


[Renovar] Can you give us a little background about your business?  

[Bob] Thomas Furniture Restoration is a family-owned operation that has been in business for 40 years. We specialize in restoring, repairing, or fabricating new furniture and cabinetry. We use various techniques to apply all types of finishes including sprayed or hand-applied finishes. Our expertise in finishes includes lacquers, varnishes, and various paints. Our skilled craftsmen are capable of matching or creating any color and style of finish you are looking for. From fine antiques to kitchen cabinets, we can offer a solution with a personal touch to meet every client’s needs.


[Renovar] Why did you join the Renovar network?  

[Bob] Originally, we were partnered with an adjuster working with Renovar. He would do the estimates and utilize our shop to do the repairs. This was a perfect fit for both parties. Eventually, he retired, and we signed up directly with Renovar.


[Renovar] What has been your experience like working with Renovar?

[Bob] We’ve been working with Renovar for about 10 years now. They have been an excellent source of jobs for us. It’s nice to have work come looking for you, instead of going out searching for work. The flow of jobs is steady but not overwhelming, and it fills in the gaps when a little extra work would be nice. Their contractor portal is an excellent way to track job progress.


[Renovar] What would you tell other craftsmen interested in joining the Renovar network?  

[Bob] If repair work is an area that your shop covers, Renovar is an excellent way to find more jobs. The staff of Renovar is very helpful, and willing to work with you. We’ve had a very positive experience and look forward to growing our business with Renovar.

This is one of the claims we completed for Liberty Mutual. The dishwasher leaked causing damage to two base cabinet boxes, one sink cabinet box,
and toe kicks. We were able to fabricate two new base cabinet boxes, one sink cabinet box, and fabricate new toe kicks. We then finished all to create a uniform appearance with the existing cabinetry.

A great example as to why we call our Repair Firms Master Craftsmen. The color matching abilities that Thomas Furniture Restorations has are one of the best.

The door and drawer were color matched. The original color of that face frame was grey like the side walls. The cabinet was bought because it fit the space but was not the correct color.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our Master Craftsmen! We would for you to join our network and share your story with us!

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